Seatbelts and Helmets

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Alright readers... serious post here. Is this post about weight loss? No. Is it about your well-being? Absolutely. So it totally belongs on this blog. This post belongs on any blog, for that matter. Because this is some serious crap, and you all need to pay close attention, because it's a matter of life and death. 

What I am about to tell you has made me total wreck for the past two days. I haven't been able to focus at work, so have had zero productivity, have ruined my contacts from tearing up and crying so much, and I feel guilty for even laughing or doing anything enjoyable knowing what pain a good friend of mine is in. This has literally opened my eyes to seeing how quickly life can change for one person. I can't even begin to wrap my head around what he is feeling right now, what he felt when it all happened, or even the pain he and his family and other friends are in.

On Monday I received a tearful, frantic voice mail from my boss asking me to call her right away, that one of my co-workers (my leasing manager) had gotten into an accident, and was in the ICU.

Pissed at myself for allowing my phone to die and getting the message four hours later, I called her back immediately. It was 2AM and I didn't give a damn if I woke her up. She answered, and I told her all I needed was the hospital he was at. She told me, I packed my things up, and got in my car.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was running around asking nurses where I could find my co-worker. I was so frantic, I was getting myself completely turned around in the halls, taking elevators to wrong floors and floors that were under construction, walking through doors that led to empty offices and parking garages, and arriving in wings that didn't even house trauma victims. I eventually found someone and told them I had been searching for room so and so in the trauma wing and asked if she could please take me there as I had been running around aimlessly for about 30 minutes. "Absolutely... follow me sweetie." she said. She could tell I was upset, and was making small talk with me the whole way there, trying to get me to forget what ever it was that I was so worried about. She asked me a few questions about the person I was there to see, if he was ok, etc.

"I, I-don, I'm not, I-I-I-I. I'm not sure. I just, I really... I just don't know. I-I... I'm trying to get to him. I have no idea what state he's in." I said. 

"Well, he's in one of the best trauma hospitals in the city, so know that he's in good hands here. We take our patients very seriously." She said, placing her hand on my back. We walked off the elevator. "Right that way through those doors you'll be able to find your friend. My best wishes sweetie..."

"Thank you." I said. 

I walked through the double-wide doors into another empty hallway, with a few nurses walking around with their clipboards, the sound of EKG's beeping in the background, medical machines lining the doorways to each of the rooms. "I hate hospitals..." I whisper under my breath. My sneakers squeak on the shiny laminate floor as I creep down the hallway looking in and out of rooms, trying to see if any of them are my friend. A nurse approaches me and asks if she can help me find someone. I tell her who I'm looking for, and she looks over at her fellow RN. "Can he...?" 

"I'm not really sure." she interrupts. "Lemme see." She picks up the phone and says a few things just quiet enough so I can't hear. "Are you a family member sir?" she asks as she places her hand over the receiver. 

"Well, no. I-I'm a friend. A co-worker. I just heard about this not to long ago." I say.

She gets back on the phone, says a few more things I still cannot make out, and hangs up. She takes a deep breath and says "Alright, you can go back. But he just got out of surgery, so he can't talk or be bothered much. Understand?"


"Alright. End of the hall, last room on the left." she exclaims.

"Thanks..." I say.

I start walking towards the end of the hall, looking in and out of rooms, still nervous, not knowing what to expect, to see, to hear, or smell. I arrive at the last room, take a quick peek in, and not really recognizing the person occupying the bed, I turn back around, only to see a sign with his last night scribbled on it with some other information. In disbelief, I turn back around and slowly approach the bed. It's him. Swollen, scabbed, bruised, wrapped up him in bloody bandages and a neck brace. 

"Oh. My. God..." I whisper to myself. I couldn't help but study the tubes coming out of him. The hardware in him. The bruises and scabs that littered his face, his arms, his knuckles. The wires hooked up to him. The machines surrounding his body that were beeping, alarming, blinking, and dripping. I could barely recognize him.

I stood there with my mediocre cup of water and started welling up. Tears started pouring down my face. All I could do was stand there... and do nothing. I wanted to help. I wanted to find the person who did this. I wanted to waive some sort of magical wand and turn back time. Or heal him. Or... something. But all I could do... was nothing.

A short moment after, his wife walked in. She whispered a quick "heeeey..." and gave me a quick hug.

"How is he?" I ask. 

"He... he's rough." she says. And then proceeds to run down his list of injuries, his surgery schedule, and what exactly put him in his current state.

Readers, on Monday evening my friend was on his way back home from a tux fitting for a wedding he was to be in next weekend. Two blocks from his home, a woman ran a red light, slammed into him at 50 miles an hour, sent him soaring above the motorcycle he was riding, over her vehicle, onto her roof, and landing head-first on a curb. He has several broken ribs, a broken arm, a broken shoulder, broken shoulder blades, a broken leg, a collapsed lung, his femur is snapped in five different places, he has two fractured vertebrae, and is missing skin due to road rash. He has an incredible amount of hardware in his left leg holding it together, is in a serious neck brace, and is bandaged beyond belief. In the time he's been in the hospital, he's gone through two surgeries, both of which were longer than five hours. He's got one more surgery tomorrow (Thursday), and another scheduled for next week. There will be more after that. The doctors are keeping him for a minimum of two weeks in the hospital. And are estimating a six-month recovery period. And if you think that sucks, please take into account that he is missing out on the most critical period for him and brand new, two-month old child to bond... because he's going to be too busy in rehab, getting strong enough to walk again.

I visited him yesterday before his surgery, looking no different from the time I had seen him the day of the accident. In fact, his bruises were a little more dark and more apparent. He was laying in bed, and as my boss and I approached, he looked at both of us and lifted his one, gauze-wrapped working arm up in the air and extended his fingers as much as he could. His fingernails still had blood under them. My boss took his hand and he let his fingers relax around it. The look in his eyes was nothing I had ever seen before. It was a look of happiness mixed with desperation, pain, and relief. Too drugged up from pain killers, he held a conversation the best he could, speaking with a hoarse voice and trying to look around the room under restriction from his neck brace. His poor lips were incredibly chapped. The nurses were giving him no liquids because he was to head into surgery soon. He was so desperate for water, he was taking the wet washcloth off his forehead and sucking the water out of it. He eventually found a nurse who was willing to give him a single ice cube to suck on. He kept saying he's never wanted water so bad in his life. It was incredibly and unbelievably hard to see someone who is normally so strong, proud, witty, and active in a state of utter helplessness and total desperation.

Readers, he is so damaged, it's a miracle he's still alive. And every doctor and nurse who's worked with him has said so. They all agree: without his helmet, he never would have survived the crash. I'm going to say that again. Without his HELMET, he never would have survived the crash. Again, without his HELMET, he never would have survived the crash. You see, when he landed, his head hit the curb so hard, it literally split his helmet in half. Those helmets are a lot harder than our skulls. So, WITHOUT HIS HELMET, HE NEVER WOULD HAVE SURVIVED THE CRASH.

The reason for my sharing of this story is this: please be smart like my friend and co-worker. Wear a damn seat belt in your car and a helmet on your motorcycle. And don't give your friends hell when they tell you to put one on, either. I have to deal with that crap all too often, and I hate it. You have an obligation to freakin' oblige and recognize your friends' respect for your life. And you all have the responsibility to show the same in return. I'll let you puke, piss, blow snot rockets, and squirt ketchup packets in my car, all day long, for every Saturday of the rest of my life, and not say a thing about it... as long as you're buckled in.

Please keep my friend in your thoughts for a speedy recovery. I know you don't know him, but he needs every bit of support he can get. Pray for him, chant for him, do what ever you can to send good things his way, because he's got a long road ahead of him, and we're only on day three...

Symptom Finger

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There's a reason why Symptom Finger by The Faint is one of my all time favorite songs:

And that reason is because I don't believe in the overuse of over-the-counter or prescription drugs. There's a lot of drugs out there friends, and while I think a lot of them have drastically improved the lives of many, cured countless diseases, and prolonged lives, I still feel like a lot of them are over-marketed, over-prescribed, and over-done.

A prime example is one of my best friends. All he had to do was tell his doc that he worked a ton of hours and needed something to deal with stress of work. Immediately his doctor issued a prescription that allowed him to get a one month's supply of Xanax every 30-days. That's a pill per day. Is his work stressful? Yes. Does he work a lot of hours? Yes. Does his social life suffer because of it? A little bit. Does he need that big of a prescription? Absolutely not. How many of the pills has he taken since his first prescription? Maybe six in the past few months. 

There are drugs out there that are wonderful. Drugs that cure diseases, prevent and fight infections, help boost our immune system, help us keep it up longer, and keep us alive longer. But there are also drugs out there that tend to be so readily available it's scary. Our bodies were not built to digest that kind of crap. Crap like Advil, Tylenol, Bayer, and the like. These drugs simply trick the brain and cause nothing but more problems for the body. They simply mask your brain into thinking something different is going on than what's actually is. And that's sooooo not cool.

A lot of my friends wonder why I tend to never get sick. And when they ask me why, I tell the same thing every time. It's because I don't take drugs for simple shit... like headaches, backaches, fevers, colds, the flu, and the like. I don't numb my brain with those senseless drugs. The reason? Because I know my body is more than capable of fighting these things off on it's own, with just a little help from me. 

Headaches and backaches? That's a cake-walk. It's a long, hot shower, a rub over the temples, (and sometimes a good tug on the junior), and voila! Gone. Fevers, colds and the flu? Well... that's lots of rest, lots of orange juice, and zero meds. "Zero meds... why!?" you ask? Because when you take meds for these types of infections, they tend to reduce your fever and trick your body into thinking it's feeling better than it actually is. When we have an infection, it's our body's natural reaction to raise it's temperature to a degree that doesn't make it possible for the infectious bacteria to live anymore. Fever reducers and pain killers counter-react this and, I believe, prolong the infection. I let my body do the work, and give it the tools to do so... like tons of rest, lots of Vitamin C, and Goldschlager (that'll clear up your sinuses faster than anything and totally put cha to bed!).

Now... am I Christian Scientist? No. Have I taken drugs before? Absolutely... for things like a staph infection (thanks 24-Hour Fitness!), chlamydia (yeah... that royally sucked), and a blood infection. Those are items that, I feel, require the help of drugs. Why? Because they're a bit more serious. But taking drugs for the most simple and common of things I feel is beyond need. Like I said before, our body wasn't designed to process drugs on a regular basis, and America (especially) needs to get over it.

The human body is an amazing thing. It communicates an incredible amount of information, and on a level that we've only barely begun to understand. It's all about mind over matter, peeps.

Readers... let cha body do it's thing. If you've got a headache, don't feed it some medicine. If you've got a cold, let the temperature rise and deal with the crappy mccrappersons. And if you've got chlamydia... see your doctor immediately. And don't be a symptom finger.

Workout Music :: Remix Nation

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Alright readers... here's another remix mash-up (say that five times fast!) of some great music for you to work out or bounce around in your office chair to! I hope you guys are enjoying these. Any suggestions are welcome... such as: Genres, time frames, artists, etc...Give me a challenge!

Now get to listening.

This one's for those last, slow down minutes on the treadmill:

It's a Taste Bud's Economy

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Taste buds kinda suck. No... they really do. I'm not really sure why they call them buds, either. Cuz their not buds. They should be called taste... enemies! Yes.. that's the word. Enemies! They send signals to our brains that say "sup brain... this deep-fried chicken strip dipped in honey mustard and ranch is totally awesome. You should have more of this shit!"

Could you imagine the world without taste buds readers? Would life be more enjoyable? Or would it suck beyond all means? Because, really... eating is one of the greatest pleasures on Earth. Besides sex, obviously. And, well... sneezing. 

I'm gunna make this post kinda heavy. Because your taste buds are a serious issue people. A life without taste buds would be like replacing a life dependent on gas-powered cars with a life dependent on electric cars. How you say? Well... think about what would happen to the economy. How many oil companies would go under? How many people would lose their jobs?  How many other companies would suffer? And where would people be eventually be spending their money? 

It's the same situation with your taste buds. If we didn't have taste buds, foods like Oreo's, Macaroni and Cheese, Frozen Dinners, Little Debbie's Ding Dong's and HoHo's, Ranch Dressing, Colas, and every other processed food wouldn't exist. Companies like Post, Kellogg's, Frito-Lay, Kraft, Pepsi, Coke, Oscar Meyer, Shamrock, Aramark, and Coors would go out of business. Restaurants, like The Cheesecake Factory, Chilies, IHOP, Village Inn, Outback, McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's would all shut their doors. Grocery stores wouldn't exist. Neither would hundreds of thousands of other businesses. Companies out there are producing food that's bad for us... and making money off of it. And if you ask me, that's kinda effed up.

Our taste buds have a huge impact on the economy, readers. And most importantly, they keep people employed. No matter how you look at it, each and every one of your taste buds are worth thousands upon thousands of dollars every year. And the important thing to ask yourself is, to what food, company, or restaurant are you making your taste buds the most valuable?
There's only one way to make sure that you're taking advantage of your taste buds full value.. and that's by purchasing, ordering, and eating only the things that are good for your body. For so long, you and I have grown accustomed to teaching our taste buds to signal our brain that yes... cookies, sugars, carbs, french fries, deep fried foods, boxed dinners, frozen dinners, bacon, red meat, and other fatty foods are delicious and undeniably perfect. 
Well, skinny friends... we've got to change that around. We were born with taste buds for a reason. And that's so we can enjoy the food we're stuffing into that giant hole in our face. But we have to teach our taste buds to tell our brain that a salad is just as delicious as a hand full of cookies. That a grilled chicken breast is just as delicious as our face dipped into a pile of cheesecake. It's up to US to make these companies, who made so much money off our taste buds in the past, realize that we're not up for their game anymore. That we're changing our ways and only buying the goods that are good for our bodies. That we're past all the unrecognizable and unpronounceable crap they put and list on the packaging of their products. And that we're about gettin' healthy.
So, here's my challenge to you friends. Quit the mainstream foods. Look above and below the middle shelf at the grocery store. Pay the extra dollar for something a little more healthy. You're body will appreciate it. And then, just then, you'll know that you just screwed over the big-guy for something you know is better for ya body. 


P.S. You can pronounce every ingredient in a Snicker's bar... but all things in moderation pumpkins.

Coolest Fountain Ever

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Readers... I'm really trying my hardest to keep this blog about nothing by weight loss, but had, JUST HAD, to share this with you. It's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.

Located in a Japanese mall called Canal City, this fountain is programmed immaculately to paint the air with falling water. Sorry for the sidetrack here, but you have got to check this out:

Inspiration Eye Candy

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Pants, Pants, Pants...

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Or, as Lady Gaga would put it, Boys... Boys... Boys...
Alright readers... since my last two posts had absolutely nothing to do with weight loss and everything to do with men and their good parts, I thought I'd give you a post with some substance. And I have good news to report! 

At the start of this week, I made a bold decision and decided to pull a pair of size 32 dress pants off the hanger and try them on when getting ready for work. I hadn't worn the pants since 2003, when I was at my skinniest. As I posted on a comment over here (great blog!), there was a point in time when I went through my closet and violently created a pile of clothes to throw away. Every single piece was from back in my skinny days, when I was able to wear small-sized shirts, small-sized underwear, and small-sized pants. It was a small-sized party... and frumpy, that bitch, wasn't invited. 

At the time, I was thinking to myself "I'm never going to fit into these damn things again, so why keep them around... I might as well toss them out with the... hey, is that a mini snickers over there?" This is when my diet consisted of entire boxes of macaroni and cheese for lunch, cheese pizza, triple whoppers, thousands upon thousands of  french fries, gravy-drenched chicken fried steak, half-bag dinners of tortilla chips and queso, butter and green beans (my "healthy snack"), Snickers ice cream bars for desert, and cookies and sugar-slathered granola bars for snacks at work. My diet was a total joke, and at the time... I didn't care. I was ready to remove every item and memory from the "good ol' days" and continue on with eating like a total piglet. "After all", I told myself, "I had only gained a few pounds and was still able to hide behind the baggy comfort of the hoodies I wore". Only a few pounds, my ass (literally).

Later that night, after I had finished a dinner of Hamburger Helper and Pasta-Roni, I picked every piece of clothing up from the floor and hung them back up. I had no idea why I was doing it, or for what reason. I had no intention of wearing them again. EVER. The reason, most likely, was because I was thinking about how incredibly awful and demanding it would be to pack them into plastic bags and haul them, and my fat ass, out to the dumpster.

Either way, it was a damn good thing I kept them around. Because when I slipped my cute little gay ass into a size 32 on Monday morning, and was able to buckle them shut, I felt like a million dollars. I said to myself, outloud, "Go girl..." Literally. I had a 100% super-ultra-mega-gay moment. It was the best and most productive day I've ever had at work.

You guys and gals... I cannot even begin to express how excited I was, and have been, to slip those pants on every morning. It feels... so good. They're a little snug, but they fit. THEY. FIT. I really feel like I am on my way back to the good 'ol days of being comfortable in the clothes I wear and not limited on what I can try on.

With this in mind friends, keep your focus on losing weight and getting in shape. The most simple rewards can be the most, well... rewarding. For me, this moment represents the best I've felt since choosing to put better things in my body. Keep up the great work, because you all know you're doing great!

AND, I hope this story is inspirational to each and every one of you, because that's it's intent. I also hope you all are having a fantastic week full of healthy eating, wonderful workouts, and incredible amounts of unbelievable sex with multiple partners who you hardly know (but totally trust).

Air hug! (and tomorrow a celery stick with extra crunchy peanut butter).

Possibly Useless Information

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2012 is now available to watch instantly on NetFlix! This is totally exciting readers, because it's one of the most incredible movies... uhm... ever.

It would only cost you a twenty dollar bill to subscribe to Men's Health for a year. That's cheap, yo!

I hit my numbers at work, meaning I get a $1,000 bonus on my next paycheck! :-) Of which will be taxed at 43% :-(

One of my best friends, Jesse, has been secretly losing weight and following a diet plan behind my back. Go Jesse! And eff you for not sharing!

Lindsay Lohan will serve only 14 days of her 90 day sentence. Big surprise? Not really.

Betty White gets her own hoodie. Mine's on order, and will (hopefully) arrive before my TeaBag.

Inspiration Eye Candy

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For all of you healthy tea drinkers out there, these folks have made brewing it much, much more fun for you. And at only twelve bucks, mine's already on it's way.

Let's Play a Game!

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So, readers! There's this game I'm addicted to. It's called Words With Friends. It's an online, pseudo-version of Scrabble® (but not endorsed, created, developed, or sponsored by Hasbro®) and is the coolest thing in the entire world. It's available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Facebook!

What do you all think about starting our own version of this game and calling it "Healthy Words With Friends." The name is cheesy, I know. If you all can come up with a better name, please let me know. Because that's all I got for now.

Here are the rules I propose:

1. Only words that relate to weight loss and fitness can be used.
2. Proper nouns are allowed, as long as they reference a fitness figure, place to get in shape, etc.
3. Prepositions, nouns, and verbs are allowed
4. Only food names that promote healthy weight loss can be used (i.e. corn, carrot, fruit, apple, etc.)
5. No cheating.

What do you all think!? This could be a fun game we all use to keep ourselves in check when thinking about food. Also, any suggestions on the rules are totally accepted.

Let me know what cha all think!

P.S. My username on Words With Friends is Wesfucious. :-)

A Few Yummy Snacks For My Readers!

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No, friends. I'm sorry. I'm not available for snacking on... yet. ;-) 

For those of you watching your carb intake,  I'm sure you've realized how incredibly hard it is to find snacky foods. Especially since most of them tend to be things like potato chips, puffed-corn products, breaded products, and other items that are chock full of sugar and carbs.

I wanted to share with you all some of my all-time favorite snackies that are low-carb and incredibly easy to make and just as incredibly easy to eat! Some of these things require no prep, as well. Which is fabulous and super-ultra-mega-gay. These are a few additions to my previous list of favorite foods. But remember, everything in moderation. Don't overdo it on these items, pumpkins. There is such a thing as turning your healthy snacking into unhealthy snacking!

Yummy McYum Face:

- Super Crunch Peanut Butter and Celery
- Super Crunch Peanut Butter spread over a Mission Low-Carb Tortilla
- Roasted Almonds
- Sunflower Seeds
- French's® French Fried Onions (believe it or not, only 3g carbs per serving! Thank god, right? But don't overdo it on these... the fat content is pretty high for the serving size. But it'll totally satisfy any craving for the crunchy and the onion ringy! I recommend a small handful.)
- A Slice or Two of Cheese off Your Favorite Block.
- Salad!
- Dill Pickles
- Pumpkin Seeds
- Cottage Cheese
- Cucumbers and Light Italian Dressing
- A Few Slices of Turkey Bacon

If anyone has anything to add to this list, please comment and let me know. I'd love to find new items to snack my face on.

A Word Is Worth a Thousand Calories

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Yo readers! Before doing anything, you need to visit Jenn's blog and check out the sexy outfits she tried on at Express over the weekend. Damn girl! 

Now, I want to write to you all about a word that you need to remove from your vocabulary... right now. You need to write this word off for good. Say goodbye to it. Throw it in the garbage. Toss it out the window. Completely delete it from your mind. At least when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape.

What's the word? The word is "should". That's right... should. If you speak other languages, remove it from that vocabulary as well. It's one of the worst words in the world. And you will never use it again. 

Why, you ask?

How many times have you used this word when doing things that you that you know aren't OK? "I shouldn't be eating this...", "I should go to the gym...", "I should really go to bed and stop looking for naked pictures of Paul Walker on the internet...". Readers... do you know what this word implies!? It implies the intention, or plan to do something. It's a verb (thanks School House Rock!). It represents an action you intend or don't intend to do. Stop using this word and replace it with a "will". "I will not eat this...", "I will go to the gym...", "I will stop looking for pictures that don't exist...". 

Trust me... it will make those tough situations much more easy to deal with. Especially when it comes to eating. And while your holding that plate of birthday cake, getting ready to down a giant soda, or chomp into a gravy-plastered chicken fried steak, tell yourself that you have the WILL to not do it. That you will not give in to that temptation. That with your will, you will achieve success in your weight loss goals and that eating unhealthy foods will not help you achieve what you want most in life. 

I've done my best to remove this word from my general vocabulary, and I challenge each and every one of you to do the same! It gives me incredible strength when it comes to overcoming situations where I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of doing something bad. It's amazing what we can achieve when we put our pretty little brains to it, and each and everyone of you are proof of that. 

Here's to a week of great eating and forgetting a word we've come too accustomed to using!


Inspiration Eye Candy

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Everyone, the only reason I am getting in shape is so that I can look incredibly hot in lavender...

A Few of My Favorite Things

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Readers! Sorry for no blog posts last night. I was busy watching over 210 pounds of dog (no joke) for a friend and didn't have a chance to actually sit down and put some thought into what I wanted to write about.

Anyway, today at work one of my associates and I got to talking about the things we most enjoy in life. She mentioned many things, including her family (of seven), her grandfather, and the fact that she cannot wait to meet her creator when she passes along. And it got me thinking... because, besides my family and good friends, I couldn't immediately think of any other things that make me so happy to be on this great earth and living life. As I thought about our conversation more throughout the work day and after I arrived at home, I realized countless things and experiences that make me so happy to be here and alive. And I realized that my weight loss and drive to get in shape is directly related to these things that make me so happy. These things, in fact, are the reasons why I want to experience life to the fullest and are behind my causes to preserve my life.

I'd like to share these with you. Now, I know you're all thinking: That's it's going to be the obvious crap, like getting off, eating 8 pounds of marshmallows, getting drunk, the smell of french fries, and the sound of my hot neighbor having incredible sex with his beautiful wife. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I tried to dig a little deeper than just the surface. Some of these things may seem really simple and stupid, but they're what really blow my hair back (when it's long enough), and I've decided to slap this list on my fridge, so that it's staring at my face every time I go to eat something. It's a simple reminder for why I want to eat right, eat healthy, and get myself in shape. Here are a few of them, in no particular order, except for number one:

1. My Mother - I'm not playing favorites with family, but I love my mother more than anything in this world. I would do anything for her and don't know what I would do without her. It always pisses me off when she says "I Love You" before I get the chance to say it first.

2. Family and Friends... experiences with these people is priceless!

3. Waking up and realizing I still have more time to sleep.

4. Music, especially from a man with a smooth, strong voice.

5. The smell of the house I grew up in.

6. Wearing clothes I haven't been able to fit into for years, with no muffin top or beer belly.

7. Hearing my favorite song on the radio.

8. Back and foot massages.

9. The sound of ice clinking around in a glass of lemonade on a scorching, hot day.

10. Making someone cry for all the good reasons.

11. Payday!!

12. Putting my contacts in after waking up and feeling like they aren't even there.

13. Walking into my dark, toasty-warm house on a snowy, wintry day and lying down on the couch with only the sound of my furnace humming in the background.

14. Laughter coming from the people I care about most.

15. Giving myself chills before falling asleep.

So... there they are readers. Just a few of the reasons why I am trying so hard to preserve my life here on planet earth. I've also realized that after creating my list of favorite experiences, that I try my hardest to place myself in situations that allow me to experience them. Obviously, it's just human nature to ensure our own happiness, and all of us are well on our way to extending our ability to experience our favorite moments in life by losing weight and getting in shape, which is an awesome feeling just in itself.

So readers, what blows your hair back? Share with me what some of your most favorite life experiences are, and slap those things on a sheet of paper and stare at them each and every day!

Here's some more great music that gets my blood pumpin' on the gym floor and on those treadmills (and sometimes in the bedroom... but, we'll save that for another post, mKay?). Enjoy!

NoMoreBacon's Habanero Chicken Sausage Omelette

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I had to share this all with you. It's from here. Go check this dude out and then immediately surrender to this quick, easy, totally healthy omelette. As I told him, it's a good thing I just got paid, because I'm hittin up Costco tomorrow and buying 8,000 pounds of this. YUM!

This Blog Was Posted Using REAL Words!

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Yes, that's right readers. This blog post was produced using REAL words. 100% all natural words, no substitutes, preservatives, and only a limited amount of spell check. 

How many of you have run across the food packages that proudly proclaim:

"Made with REAL cheese!"
"Made with REAL chicken!"
"Made with REAL beef!"
"Made with REAL beans!"

Or, even worse:
"New, improved formula!"

Real chicken, real beef, and new, improved FORMULA? What. The. Eff. Is the food we are consuming turning into the new Britney Spears song? How processed, milled, mutilated, mixed, and modified is the food we are consuming? It worries me that meal-producing companies are actually slapping these phrases on their products. Is it because they're trying to make them sound more healthy? Because I'm pretty sure I've seen these claims on boxes of Hamburger Helper, Hot Pockets, and various frozen pasta and rice dinners from OnCor and Michelina's.

Shouldn't it be a requirement that companies actually use REAL food in all the meals they provide? Obviously not, because there's things like Cheez Whiz, Taco Bell dinners outside of the refrigerated section, and Velveeta. 
Readers... things that normally belong in the fridge should STAY IN THE FRIDGE! And things that normally have a shelf life of only a few weeks should HAVE A SHELF LIFE OF ONLY A FEW WEEKS! No, it is not OK to consume "cheese" out of an aerosol can, nor is it acceptable to chow down on a Taco Bell meal off the grocery store shelf.

If you're craving some Mexican, cheesy goodness, grab a pound of ground turkey, a block of cheddar cheese, some crunchy lettuce, a delicious tomato, an onion, some low-fat sour cream, and some taco seasoning. Then, walk your ass home, chop it up, cook it up, simmer it, dress it (lightly with the cheese and sour cream, yo!), and then roll up a delicious burrito using a low-carb Mission tortilla! 

You're taste buds will love it, and you're body (and waste line!) will show their appreciation.

Guilty Confession #1

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Sometimes, when I'm feelin' really dirty, I eat pork rinds dipped in ranch dressing. And like it.

Beauty Fades... But Stupid is Forever

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I read an interesting article over at Shout Out Health today that really put some things into perspective for me. The article dealt with a letter the site had received from one their readers who said he was a very good looking gay man and can't seem to make any friends as a result of it... that everyone he meets just wants to get his sexy ass in the sack. 

The site responded, I think, appropriately, telling the stud horse that soon his looks will fade, that he needs to check himself, and make sure that he's offering up more than just his looks. Because if he doesn't have anything more than that to offer, that all the shallow boys will stick around and the good ones will float on by. 

The writer also touched on the subject on how life can tend to be a little easier for the better looking people, how people use their looks to manipulate every day situations, and how attractive women handle themselves differently than men do. He states: 
Watch how they handle themselves. These women do things that may sometimes appear rude, but later you realize their behavior is adaptive. They may not make eye contact with some.  They may appear focused on something or someone else.  They dress according to the circumstance and never in a way that is out of place or out of context.  They don't look around to see who is looking at them, they understand that attention is on them always and act accordingly. They send out subtle signals that they are not available – except to their companions to whom they give their undivided attention.  When approached, they politely decline and return to what they were doing.  They treat others, whether it is a corporate mogul or service person, with dignity and respect – but not flirtation. They use their beauty when they need to, but put it back in their holster immediately. They project and ease and confidence that both make them appear comfortable yet unapproachable. Watch and learn.
I couldn't agree more. I strongly believe that more doors tend to open, things come much more easily, and life in general is easier for more attractive people. And, unfortunately, a lot of these people use their looks as a way to get ahead. And, for a lot of them, it just happens because of the public's fixation on that perfect, skinny body. It's maddening at times, but c'est la vie, right?

I have one specific person who I work with who is an absolute paragon. Just a beautiful, beautiful person. When I first met her, I sized her up to be the typical, arrogant jerk who knew how hot they were, refused to converse or even be seen with people who aren't as beautiful as themselves, and walk around with a huge chip on their shoulder. She's one of my leasing consultants. 
When I first interviewed her, I was like... "This girl is full of drama. She used to work in a bar, ugh! She's a fast talker. She probably dresses like a total whore when she goes out. Five bucks says all her friends look exactly like her. I bet her boyfriend's hotter than hell." Well, it turns out I was right about only one of those things... her boyfriend. 
But anyway, one night she texted me out the blue and asked if herself and her best friend Sarah could join us out at the bars. She had been working for us for about a week when this happened, and being the awesome assistant manager that I am, I told her "Absolutely!" I was worried though. I was telling myself "she's gunna bring all these skinny, squeaky-voiced bitches to the bar who are going to be barely dressed and making a total fool of themselves." Again, I was wrong. Her friend Sarah was not a skinny bitch, but a little heavier, and an absolute sweetheart. Great smile, awesome personality, and totally fun! They both were dressed in a pair of jeans and some fun t-shirts they had bought for going out. Nothing incredibly fancy or revealing... just fun. And while we were out, my co-worker tactfully ignored all the straight men checking her out (at the gay bar!)... and focused on the people who she was out with. TOTALLY COOL. I was so impressed with her. She successfully restored the faith, and destroyed the stereotype, I had for women who are absolutely flawless and know it. And after our night of fun, I believed she was good people and liked being around people like herself: folks who had more to offer than what was just on the surface.
I found out a few weeks later she used to weigh over 250 pounds, had zero friends, and had been the odd girl out for years upon years.

Readers, as we lose weight and get in shape, it's important to remember where we once were in our lives. That we weren't the hottest thing in the club or someone who could even begin to think of using our looks to our advantage. My co-worker hasn't forgotten, and I just want to share the inspiration she's given me for the future. All too often we run across the hotties who hang around only the hottest of the Hottie McHot faces, and I'm proud knowing that I will be as comfortable hanging out with anyone and everyone who is good on the inside, no matter what they look like on the outside.

Inspiration Eye Candy

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YEEEEAAAAH! Get it girl...

Y Not?

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Say goodbye to the YMCA readers! The Young Mens Christian Association announced a major change about to go underway at their recreation centers across America. 
One of the nation’s most iconic nonprofit organizations, founded 166 years ago in England as the Young Men’s Christian Association, is undergoing a major rebranding, adopting as its name the nickname everyone has used for generations. 

“It’s a way of being warmer, more genuine, more welcoming, when you call yourself what everyone else calls you,” said Kate Coleman, the organization’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer. 
Hopefully this doesn't upset too many Christians who choose to use The Y because of that one important word in the organization's name. Sorry Village People, now your song really is obsolete.

Low Carb Chicken Salad!

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What's up readers! OK, so... here's my first video blog. Kinda lame, but... it's my first one, so cut me some slack, mKay? It's my low-carb chicken salad, which is TITANICALLY delicious and waaaay easy to make. Here's the rec-to-the-pee:

9 - 10oz of roasted chicken
2 hard-boiled eggs
Low-fat mayo and Dijon mustard (light additions of both!)
2 diced Claussen pickles (three, if you're a pickle whore like me)
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
Spiced Dill

Obviously, boil the eggs first, cool those bitches down in the fridge, and then mix all of the ingredients together. Cool it down in the fridge for at least eight hours (warm chicken salad is naaaasty) and then munch away! It's that simple! Any additions on your end are always welcome. Let me know what you all think!


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You're Lovin' it? Not really... right? Well I am, readers... and let me tell you why. 

I'm sure many of you view McDonald's as the most evil fast food corporation in America. After all, they made people fat (and almost got sued for it), burned folks with their hot coffee (and almost got sued for that, too), and pioneered the Super Size, King Size, and Biggie Size meals at each and every fast food joint across America. 

Here's the deal with me and McDonald's. Before a little while ago, i viewed the place as one of the worse places to eat. I believed their food was of the lowest quality and that they served their customers the crap that nobody else wanted to eat.

But, after the release of Super Size Me, and thundering through two of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever (as referenced above), I think the corporation took a long, hard look at the food they were serving America and finally realized their menu was incredibly unhealthy and unbalanced. And, at that point, took the opportunity to offer up healthier options, blatantly display the nutrition  facts of each product on that product's packaging, and made available to the public nutrition information on the restaurant's entire menu. 

Like it or not readers, McDonald's did, in fact, set a standard for every other fast food joint. And that standard was offering up healthier options and making available to it's customers information on the food they were consuming. Long before side salads and apple fries, the only side options available on fast food menus was french fries and other deep-fried foods. Thanks to Mickey D's and Morgan Spurlock, other fast food restaurants started offering healthier options to it's customers.

I'll be honest... I enjoy the food I get from McDonald's. It's always piping hot, always prepared correctly, is fresh, and, by far and away, is delivered with the most fabulous customer service ever received from a fast food joint. The employees at McDonald's always seem to be in good spirits and happy to serve... which is a rare find in the industry. 

I know you all think I'm crazy, but I believe that because McDonald's has been sitting in the unhealthy spotlight for so long and at such a massive level, they have been the most active in improving the quality and delivery of their products. And, to be honest, the grilled chicken salads I get from McDonald's are of far better quality than any other fast food joint. The lettuce is always crisp, the chicken is always perfectly grilled, and its always delivered in a perfectly appointed little baggy, complete with a fork, knife, and my requested dressing. And to top it all off, the regular grilled chicken salad has almost no carbs. Hip, hip, hooray!

If you're ever in the mood for a fast meal, check out a McDonald's grilled chicken salad, readers. You could be surprised!

Workout Music!

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Yo, readers! Happy Friday! T to the GIF! Alright now... it's the weekend, which means all of you skinny, hot bitches are gunna be out at the cluuuuub get your freakin' on. When I'm out, I'm always listening for good songs to get in shape to. Here are some of my favorites! 

KFC Double Down Sandwich

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Alright... this sandwich is nothing new. When KFC introduced this new addition to their menu, low-carb eaters across the entire planet immediately phoned the KFC closest to their home to ensure they could order it with grilled patties rather than fried.

Please, readers... do not order the grilled version of this sandwich and consider it okey dokey under low-carb. The grilled version is still packed with 460 calories, 24 g's of fat, and 1430 mg's of sodium. There's only one way to eat this sandwich and actually feel somewhat good about it: order it without the cheese, bacon, and colonel sauce. Then you're down to 360 calories, 8 g's of fat, and 880 mg's of sodium. I know what you're all thinking: "Wes... you loser. That's just two grilled chicken breast patties." That's right readers, it is. So you might as well just order that and pay less than you would for the double down. Unless you're ordering in hopes they'll forget to take off the cheese. Or something.

Hope this helps! And no, KFC does not genetically engineer the chickens served from their restaurants.

So. About this Weekend...

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I spent it getting drunk. Happy fourth, everyone! I hope your weekend was long and wonderful (that's what he said).

AND... even after all the eating out I did, which involved watching friends down plates of french fries, grilled sandwiches, cookies, nachos, chicken fingers, and the like, I had no problem sticking to low carb! It felt great responding to all the "uh! I'm so full", "I ate waaaay too much", and "my heartburn is killing me!" comments with a simple "not me. I feel GREAT! Pass over that pitcher of beer." 

I will admit, however, I did fall off the Michelob Ultra 2.6g carbs-per-serving train a few times, but only when the options available were Bud Light and Coors Light. 

Now, I know what you're all thinking. "Hey, wait a minute! I thought this was a getting-in-shape blog. This dude's talking about going on three-day drinking binges and downing pitchers of beer. That's not healthy!" No, readers. It's not. And trust me, I was paying for it this morning. But this is something you should know about me. I love beer. And I love Michelob for designing one that fits better into my lifestyle than say... Coors Light and Bud Light. It's got almost 70% less carbohydrates, and that's a big difference! But lets not make this post all about alcohol, mKay? I'll write something interesting about low-carb drinking another time. Probably while I'm drunk.

Anyway, as I was saying, I felt pretty damn good this weekend being able to resist all the goodies thrown my way. I think a lot of my success in eating right over the weekend fell back on the situations I put myself in. I knew this weekend was going to get a little expensive, so for lunch and dinner I made sure I ate home... just to save money and keep myself from getting tempted. Then, for our ritualistic after-the-bar breakfast pig-out, I made sure I was only going to places where I knew I could properly eat. One of my favorite places is a local diner in the heart of capital hill (or, as we like to call it... the gayborhood) called Barracuda's. They have the best homemade green chili EVER, the service is outstanding, and the coffee is perfectly brewed.  My meal, each and every time I visit, is a delicious salad as an appetizer loaded with red onions and a grilled beef patty with a side of green chili for the meal. It's delicious. Delicious. Delicious. I'm getting all excited and gooshey just thinking about it. 

A lot of restaurants used to cater to low-carb peeps by creating and advertising dishes on their menu that were low-carb friendly. I'm sure many of you have seen those dishes sort of disappear in the past few years. For what reason? Probably because the low-carb fad is over. But whatever, it doesn't matter because us bitches can modify anything to hell so it fits nice any neatly into our lifestyles, right!? Right! We can even go to Taco Bell if we're feeling like having diarrhea the next day, ordering a taco salad and dumping everything out of that crunchy, delicious taco shell onto a plate, and enjoying our non-bloated fabulousness. Cuz we're that good.

Finding new places to eat correctly is something I really enjoy doing. It gives me a feeling of accomplishing even more in my quest to lose weight. It's like turning a menu into a puzzle and going on a safari to find all the right pieces to make a complete and perfect picture for my taste buds and appetite.

I have a lot of favorite places to eat where I can modify their dishes to make them totally delicious and low carb:

Appetizer: House salad  (it comes with almonds!) with any low-fat or low-carb dressing.
Meal: Chicken Alfredo, substitute pasta with broccoli.

Ordering Tip: Ask for the Alfredo on the side. It will allow you to control how much you eat (because Alfredo sauce really isn't that healthy) and the water from the cooked broccoli tends to water the sauce down A LOT.

Appetizer: House salad (no almonds... boo!) with any low-fat or low-carb dressing.
Meal: Two grilled chicken patties with a side of mustard or Tabasco drizzled on top and steamed, seasonal veggies. You really could do this meal anywhere, but I've found it to be cheaper at TGIFriday's.

Appetizer: House salad (are you seeing a trend here?) with any low-fat or low-carb dressing.
Meal: Grilled chicken or turkey burger, protein style (fancy word for lettuce wrapped). You can substitute the fries for your house salad.

Ordering Tip: Make sure when you ask for your salad, that you order it without the deep-fried tortilla strips. Their side salads are LOADED with these, and you'll look like a monkey picking these out of the salad. Especially if you eat each piece after successfully digging it out.

Appetizer: Their salad... duh! If there's any place you should be getting a salad, it's here damnit!
Meal: Chicken Marsala or Chicken Scampi, substitute pasta on both with steamed veggies. The Chicken Marsala is a bit healthier, as it's not a cream sauce.

I know seems like a bit of side-salad overkill here, but the fact is there really isn't much options when it comes to appetizers for low-carb diets, other than chicken wings (which are soaked in a buttery hot sauce and served with blue cheese dressing) or spinach-artichoke dip, which is in a creamy cheese sauce and is generally served with bread. These are low-carb options, but keep in mind they are high in fat and that some places may not be able to substitute celery for bread.

So, there are some quick tips for eating out. Do any of you have any places where you can modify a meal to make it fit better with your diet? If so, share them and I'll post them up with my next update!

Here's some pictures from this weekend. I had some great times with one of my best friends, Chris. My double chin is almost gone! And I'm down two pounds!

Inspiration Eye Candy

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Here's the first porny post readers! Bodies like this inspire me to eat correctly and get a workout plan put together. I don't want my arms bigger than my torso, but I definately want definition like this and proof that I wasn't born without any abdominal muscles. Enjoy!

Colorado is the Skinniest US State

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Not according to my waistline! But, whatever. I'm well on my way to joining the ranks with the skinny bitches of this State. Maybe that's why I haven't been laid in so long? Because everyone's skinny and I'm not? 

That's it... I'm no longer losing weight for myself. I'm doing it so I can get laid like a porn star.

Just kidding. Sort of. But, in all seriousness, a recent survey by The Trust for America's Health shows Colorado as the skinniest state, with only 19% of it's adults over-weight. Apparently, high altitude, rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, camping, lumber jacking, and jogging up huge, mountainous hills is good for your health!

Go Colorado. Now readers from other states... it's your job to help your state's number fall, fall, fall! 

Google to Pay Gay Employees Extra to Make Up for Tax Inequalities

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If this doesn't make a statement about how a company cares more for it's employees than a government does for it's own citizens, I don't know what will:
Under federal law, employer-provided health benefits for domestic partners are counted as taxable income, if the partner is not considered a dependent. The tax owed is based on the value of the partner’s coverage paid by the employer.
On average, employees with domestic partners will pay about $1,069 more a year in taxes than a married employee with the same coverage, according to a 2007 report by M. V. Lee Badgett, director of the Williams Institute, a research group that studies sexual orientation policy issues.
So Google is essentially going to cover those costs, putting same-sex couples on an even footing with heterosexual employees whose spouses and families receive health benefits.
The company began to look at the disparity after a gay employee pointed it out, said Laszlo Bock, Google’s vice president for people operations (also known as human resources). Google, by the way, says its benefits team seriously considers any suggestions on how to expand its coverage
“We said, ‘You’re right, that doesn’t seem fair,’ so we looked into it,” Mr. Bock said. “From that initial suggestion, we said, let’s take a look at all the benefits we offer and see if we are being truly fair across the board.” As a result, the company also decided to make a few other changes that would help gay employees, including eliminating a one-year waiting period before qualifying for infertility benefits and including domestic partners in its family leave policy — going beyond the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, which requires employers to provide up to 12 weeks’ leave in a one-year period to recover from a medical condition or to care for a relative.
I would love to see a ripple effect follow this move. Then maybe, just MAYBE, our government will get the bigger picture.


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Cheers to my seven new followers! It took my last blog like... three months to reach that! Thanks for following, readers!

I wanted to touch base a bit more on where this blog will be going, what to expect, what kind of crap will be posted on here, blah, blah, blah. 

No doubt this is this a blog about getting in shape (we covered that earlier, right?). I'm hoping to update this fancy thang about five times per week and to have several posts during that time. I'll try to keep them short and to the point, but sometimes I have a habit of rambling on. So feel free to comment at any time with a "Wes, could you shut up for a quick second..." or a "Too much information, dude. Too. Much. Information. Yawn." I promise it won't hurt my feelings. 

Now, since I'm gay, I could slather this blog in rainbows and unicorns. Am I going to do that? Hell no. That's not me. Am I going to talk about gay news and other things that revolve around the gay spectrum? Probably, because that's who I am. And don't be surprised if you find updates every now and then that include pictures of disgustingly hot men. It's called inspiration (or a lame excuse to peruse the internet looking for pictures of disgustingly hot men and share them with other people). I promise though, no porny, nekkid stuff! And, since I'm a total music whore, you'll find posts of music that I really enjoy working out to. And in between all of THAT, you'll find a potpourri of posts that relate to me, losing weight, and getting in shape. 

I want this blog to provoke inspiration, for both myself and my readers. I want this blog to hold me accountable. And most importantly, I want this blog to be FUN. Feedback and opinions on my posts are always welcome... I like to know what's going through your pretty little brains as you read through my posts. So please comment away.

I have a ton of things I want to write about (I think I'm going to have to make a list), and I'm not quite sure where to start. I guess I'll give you guys a snapshot of what I'm doing to stay low-carb:

When it comes to eating, I like it to be easy... like my men. So when lunch or dinner time arrives, I'm usually in the kitchen, in and out of the fridge and cubbyholes, grabbing all sorts of things to make a meal. Here are just a FEW things I love to make that are low carb, easy, and totally satisfying:

- Lunch meat (usually ham or turkey) rolled up and dipped in some mustard.
- Cottage Cheese
- Egg Salad or Chicken Salad
- Green Beans Heated in a little Vodka Sauce
- Baby Pickles (I could gorge myself of these. I LOVE pickles).
- Romane Lettuce and Celery in a little Ranch Dressing
- Seasoned, pre-grilled Chicken Breast
- Omelets (which have endless possibilities for add-ins)
- Hamburger Patty with Ketchup, Mustard, and a little Mayo
- Cucumbers in Italian Dressing
- Low-Carb Yogurt or Ice Cream
- Peanuts to snack on
- Sugar-Free Jell-o Products
- Turkey Hot Dogs
- And, of course, Diet Pepsi (woot woot!)

Now, I know that doesn't look like much of a list, but like I said before, these are things that are quick and easy for me to make. I'm sure that if I really put my mind to it, I could make a poached duck with lemongrass and chili-lime sauce, complimented by rum-dipped squash fantabulous and a figberry walnut salad with raspberry rhubarb dressing and poppy seed-crusted egg marmalade. But I don't have time for that. Or the patience. The reason why low carb works well for me is that it doesn't require a lot of my time and is easy to figure out. And, as always, with every good list, comes a bad list. These are things I try to eat a minimal amount of:

- Beef
- Peanut Butter
- Sugar Free Candies (have you ever over-ate on these? Sugar alcohols are not fun in excess).
- Very salty foods and seasonings
- Sour Cream
- Whipped Cream
- Blocked and Shredded Cheese
- Broth Soups (because of sodium content)
- Coffee Creamers
- Bacon

I try to cut out as much fat as possible while still maintaining some sort of flavor in my foods. Eating mostly lean meats and cutting out the creams and the cheeses that are easy to dress things with really helps me do that. I know it's easy to sit at the fridge and aerosol the ReddiWhip directly into your mouth, but you have to admit... there's something wrong with that being right. Just like people who think doing low carb consists of being able to sit down with ten pounds of bacon for lunch and calling it a way to lose weight. Low-Carb diets are highly criticized, and I really believe there is a way to do it that's healthy and effective. It can't always be all high-fat, high-protien, low-carb, all of the time. For me, I've found it best to mix it up! Additionally, eating too much meat really does a job on the body's digestive system... it's hard for it to process all that meat without any additional "stuff" to mix it with.

As for the bad stuff, every now and then I'll sneak in a little bit of sugar or starch into my diet. I think it's important to do that, because for people like us who have lived for so many years eating whatever we've wanted, it's absolute torture to hear a friend crunch into that french fry or scrape the last bits of cheesecake off their plate. It's the food we grew up (and out) on, and for me, it's what's ingrained in my brain. A lot of diets include "cheat days" (like Body for Life), which allow you to eat whatever you want all day long. Nuh huh, not here honey. If I had a cheat day, I'd do it right and eat everything in sight! If I'm going to sneak something in that shouldn't be there, I'm going to do it once and be done. And do it only once or twice a week and at a minimum. For example, if I'm feelin' a little frisky, I steal one fry and call it done. Or, if I need a sugar fix, I'll chow down on a bite-size Snickers. It's what keeps me sane and away from binging myself to an oblivion. For me, it feels much better to control myself and my eating than it does satisfying my taste buds with all the foods from my past.

So, there you have it! Hopefully this post wasn't full of a bunch of crap information that you readers already knew. I know that us on diets tend to know the entire thing inside out, but I like to think this post will offer up a little information that you didn't know, forgot about, or even inspired you to give low carb a try.

Let me know how I did on my first post about weight loss and inspiration and happy, healthy eating!