Guilty Confession #1

Posted by Wesley On Tuesday, July 13, 2010 3 comments

Sometimes, when I'm feelin' really dirty, I eat pork rinds dipped in ranch dressing. And like it.


Anonymous said...

Yum. And drool. And me too. And why should we have to keep that a secret?

Denise + Nick said...

You are too funny! I must admit - I was very discouraged (which was the point of you posting it!) after reading your post about the KFC Double Down. I've been eyeing The Double Down for a while now but couldn't bring myself to do it! I know it's bad and I'm afraid that I'd have a Guilty Confession of my own, if I tried it!

Wesley said...

Haha Denise (or Nick, ... not sure which one ya commented)! I know... the damn thing looks sooooo good. It's hard justifying that sandwich just the way it's made. I've been eyeing it too. One of these days I may just tumble along with ya!