KFC Double Down Sandwich

Posted by Wesley On Monday, July 5, 2010 2 comments

Alright... this sandwich is nothing new. When KFC introduced this new addition to their menu, low-carb eaters across the entire planet immediately phoned the KFC closest to their home to ensure they could order it with grilled patties rather than fried.

Please, readers... do not order the grilled version of this sandwich and consider it okey dokey under low-carb. The grilled version is still packed with 460 calories, 24 g's of fat, and 1430 mg's of sodium. There's only one way to eat this sandwich and actually feel somewhat good about it: order it without the cheese, bacon, and colonel sauce. Then you're down to 360 calories, 8 g's of fat, and 880 mg's of sodium. I know what you're all thinking: "Wes... you loser. That's just two grilled chicken breast patties." That's right readers, it is. So you might as well just order that and pay less than you would for the double down. Unless you're ordering in hopes they'll forget to take off the cheese. Or something.

Hope this helps! And no, KFC does not genetically engineer the chickens served from their restaurants.


The {G} Family said...

Hey Wes,

I'm a new follower. :) I can't believe how many calories and fat are in this stuff! Seriously, why does it have to taste so goooooood? I previously lost 92 pounds, then I got pregnant and gained 60. oops. Anyway, I have about 30 to go now, and I always say I'm on the "don't eat crap diet". But, crap tastes so good!

Glad to find your blog, I could use the inspiration! Good luck to you - you can do it!!!

Jennifer Brindley said...

Dude, did you notice there's now a grilled double down? I want an update on the new sandwich info!