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You're Lovin' it? Not really... right? Well I am, readers... and let me tell you why. 

I'm sure many of you view McDonald's as the most evil fast food corporation in America. After all, they made people fat (and almost got sued for it), burned folks with their hot coffee (and almost got sued for that, too), and pioneered the Super Size, King Size, and Biggie Size meals at each and every fast food joint across America. 

Here's the deal with me and McDonald's. Before a little while ago, i viewed the place as one of the worse places to eat. I believed their food was of the lowest quality and that they served their customers the crap that nobody else wanted to eat.

But, after the release of Super Size Me, and thundering through two of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever (as referenced above), I think the corporation took a long, hard look at the food they were serving America and finally realized their menu was incredibly unhealthy and unbalanced. And, at that point, took the opportunity to offer up healthier options, blatantly display the nutrition  facts of each product on that product's packaging, and made available to the public nutrition information on the restaurant's entire menu. 

Like it or not readers, McDonald's did, in fact, set a standard for every other fast food joint. And that standard was offering up healthier options and making available to it's customers information on the food they were consuming. Long before side salads and apple fries, the only side options available on fast food menus was french fries and other deep-fried foods. Thanks to Mickey D's and Morgan Spurlock, other fast food restaurants started offering healthier options to it's customers.

I'll be honest... I enjoy the food I get from McDonald's. It's always piping hot, always prepared correctly, is fresh, and, by far and away, is delivered with the most fabulous customer service ever received from a fast food joint. The employees at McDonald's always seem to be in good spirits and happy to serve... which is a rare find in the industry. 

I know you all think I'm crazy, but I believe that because McDonald's has been sitting in the unhealthy spotlight for so long and at such a massive level, they have been the most active in improving the quality and delivery of their products. And, to be honest, the grilled chicken salads I get from McDonald's are of far better quality than any other fast food joint. The lettuce is always crisp, the chicken is always perfectly grilled, and its always delivered in a perfectly appointed little baggy, complete with a fork, knife, and my requested dressing. And to top it all off, the regular grilled chicken salad has almost no carbs. Hip, hip, hooray!

If you're ever in the mood for a fast meal, check out a McDonald's grilled chicken salad, readers. You could be surprised!

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Jennifer Brindley said...

Pretty sure Wendy's was ahead of the healthy game a long time before McDonald's started doing their shaker salad bullshit.

Don't even get me started. The only time I go into McDonalds is if I have to take a really bad shit.