Possibly Useless Information

Posted by Wesley On Wednesday, July 21, 2010 0 comments

2012 is now available to watch instantly on NetFlix! This is totally exciting readers, because it's one of the most incredible movies... uhm... ever.

It would only cost you a twenty dollar bill to subscribe to Men's Health for a year. That's cheap, yo!

I hit my numbers at work, meaning I get a $1,000 bonus on my next paycheck! :-) Of which will be taxed at 43% :-(

One of my best friends, Jesse, has been secretly losing weight and following a diet plan behind my back. Go Jesse! And eff you for not sharing!

Lindsay Lohan will serve only 14 days of her 90 day sentence. Big surprise? Not really.

Betty White gets her own hoodie. Mine's on order, and will (hopefully) arrive before my TeaBag.

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