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I spent it getting drunk. Happy fourth, everyone! I hope your weekend was long and wonderful (that's what he said).

AND... even after all the eating out I did, which involved watching friends down plates of french fries, grilled sandwiches, cookies, nachos, chicken fingers, and the like, I had no problem sticking to low carb! It felt great responding to all the "uh! I'm so full", "I ate waaaay too much", and "my heartburn is killing me!" comments with a simple "not me. I feel GREAT! Pass over that pitcher of beer." 

I will admit, however, I did fall off the Michelob Ultra 2.6g carbs-per-serving train a few times, but only when the options available were Bud Light and Coors Light. 

Now, I know what you're all thinking. "Hey, wait a minute! I thought this was a getting-in-shape blog. This dude's talking about going on three-day drinking binges and downing pitchers of beer. That's not healthy!" No, readers. It's not. And trust me, I was paying for it this morning. But this is something you should know about me. I love beer. And I love Michelob for designing one that fits better into my lifestyle than say... Coors Light and Bud Light. It's got almost 70% less carbohydrates, and that's a big difference! But lets not make this post all about alcohol, mKay? I'll write something interesting about low-carb drinking another time. Probably while I'm drunk.

Anyway, as I was saying, I felt pretty damn good this weekend being able to resist all the goodies thrown my way. I think a lot of my success in eating right over the weekend fell back on the situations I put myself in. I knew this weekend was going to get a little expensive, so for lunch and dinner I made sure I ate home... just to save money and keep myself from getting tempted. Then, for our ritualistic after-the-bar breakfast pig-out, I made sure I was only going to places where I knew I could properly eat. One of my favorite places is a local diner in the heart of capital hill (or, as we like to call it... the gayborhood) called Barracuda's. They have the best homemade green chili EVER, the service is outstanding, and the coffee is perfectly brewed.  My meal, each and every time I visit, is a delicious salad as an appetizer loaded with red onions and a grilled beef patty with a side of green chili for the meal. It's delicious. Delicious. Delicious. I'm getting all excited and gooshey just thinking about it. 

A lot of restaurants used to cater to low-carb peeps by creating and advertising dishes on their menu that were low-carb friendly. I'm sure many of you have seen those dishes sort of disappear in the past few years. For what reason? Probably because the low-carb fad is over. But whatever, it doesn't matter because us bitches can modify anything to hell so it fits nice any neatly into our lifestyles, right!? Right! We can even go to Taco Bell if we're feeling like having diarrhea the next day, ordering a taco salad and dumping everything out of that crunchy, delicious taco shell onto a plate, and enjoying our non-bloated fabulousness. Cuz we're that good.

Finding new places to eat correctly is something I really enjoy doing. It gives me a feeling of accomplishing even more in my quest to lose weight. It's like turning a menu into a puzzle and going on a safari to find all the right pieces to make a complete and perfect picture for my taste buds and appetite.

I have a lot of favorite places to eat where I can modify their dishes to make them totally delicious and low carb:

Appetizer: House salad  (it comes with almonds!) with any low-fat or low-carb dressing.
Meal: Chicken Alfredo, substitute pasta with broccoli.

Ordering Tip: Ask for the Alfredo on the side. It will allow you to control how much you eat (because Alfredo sauce really isn't that healthy) and the water from the cooked broccoli tends to water the sauce down A LOT.

Appetizer: House salad (no almonds... boo!) with any low-fat or low-carb dressing.
Meal: Two grilled chicken patties with a side of mustard or Tabasco drizzled on top and steamed, seasonal veggies. You really could do this meal anywhere, but I've found it to be cheaper at TGIFriday's.

Appetizer: House salad (are you seeing a trend here?) with any low-fat or low-carb dressing.
Meal: Grilled chicken or turkey burger, protein style (fancy word for lettuce wrapped). You can substitute the fries for your house salad.

Ordering Tip: Make sure when you ask for your salad, that you order it without the deep-fried tortilla strips. Their side salads are LOADED with these, and you'll look like a monkey picking these out of the salad. Especially if you eat each piece after successfully digging it out.

Appetizer: Their salad... duh! If there's any place you should be getting a salad, it's here damnit!
Meal: Chicken Marsala or Chicken Scampi, substitute pasta on both with steamed veggies. The Chicken Marsala is a bit healthier, as it's not a cream sauce.

I know seems like a bit of side-salad overkill here, but the fact is there really isn't much options when it comes to appetizers for low-carb diets, other than chicken wings (which are soaked in a buttery hot sauce and served with blue cheese dressing) or spinach-artichoke dip, which is in a creamy cheese sauce and is generally served with bread. These are low-carb options, but keep in mind they are high in fat and that some places may not be able to substitute celery for bread.

So, there are some quick tips for eating out. Do any of you have any places where you can modify a meal to make it fit better with your diet? If so, share them and I'll post them up with my next update!

Here's some pictures from this weekend. I had some great times with one of my best friends, Chris. My double chin is almost gone! And I'm down two pounds!

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Jennifer Brindley said...

Wes! I love your new blog.

Thanks for the reminder of grilled veggies to replace pasta. You had the recommendation to do that forever ago and I always forget. :)

My low carb favorites also include doing the entree salad, or ordering the chicken salad or the burgers and eating those without the bun, of course. Also, sometimes it just doesn't get better than a steak and veggies! (with a side salad, of course. :) )

PS... think how much quicker you'd lose weight if you quit drinking for six months. ;)