Symptom Finger

Posted by Wesley On Sunday, July 25, 2010 3 comments

There's a reason why Symptom Finger by The Faint is one of my all time favorite songs:

And that reason is because I don't believe in the overuse of over-the-counter or prescription drugs. There's a lot of drugs out there friends, and while I think a lot of them have drastically improved the lives of many, cured countless diseases, and prolonged lives, I still feel like a lot of them are over-marketed, over-prescribed, and over-done.

A prime example is one of my best friends. All he had to do was tell his doc that he worked a ton of hours and needed something to deal with stress of work. Immediately his doctor issued a prescription that allowed him to get a one month's supply of Xanax every 30-days. That's a pill per day. Is his work stressful? Yes. Does he work a lot of hours? Yes. Does his social life suffer because of it? A little bit. Does he need that big of a prescription? Absolutely not. How many of the pills has he taken since his first prescription? Maybe six in the past few months. 

There are drugs out there that are wonderful. Drugs that cure diseases, prevent and fight infections, help boost our immune system, help us keep it up longer, and keep us alive longer. But there are also drugs out there that tend to be so readily available it's scary. Our bodies were not built to digest that kind of crap. Crap like Advil, Tylenol, Bayer, and the like. These drugs simply trick the brain and cause nothing but more problems for the body. They simply mask your brain into thinking something different is going on than what's actually is. And that's sooooo not cool.

A lot of my friends wonder why I tend to never get sick. And when they ask me why, I tell the same thing every time. It's because I don't take drugs for simple shit... like headaches, backaches, fevers, colds, the flu, and the like. I don't numb my brain with those senseless drugs. The reason? Because I know my body is more than capable of fighting these things off on it's own, with just a little help from me. 

Headaches and backaches? That's a cake-walk. It's a long, hot shower, a rub over the temples, (and sometimes a good tug on the junior), and voila! Gone. Fevers, colds and the flu? Well... that's lots of rest, lots of orange juice, and zero meds. "Zero meds... why!?" you ask? Because when you take meds for these types of infections, they tend to reduce your fever and trick your body into thinking it's feeling better than it actually is. When we have an infection, it's our body's natural reaction to raise it's temperature to a degree that doesn't make it possible for the infectious bacteria to live anymore. Fever reducers and pain killers counter-react this and, I believe, prolong the infection. I let my body do the work, and give it the tools to do so... like tons of rest, lots of Vitamin C, and Goldschlager (that'll clear up your sinuses faster than anything and totally put cha to bed!).

Now... am I Christian Scientist? No. Have I taken drugs before? Absolutely... for things like a staph infection (thanks 24-Hour Fitness!), chlamydia (yeah... that royally sucked), and a blood infection. Those are items that, I feel, require the help of drugs. Why? Because they're a bit more serious. But taking drugs for the most simple and common of things I feel is beyond need. Like I said before, our body wasn't designed to process drugs on a regular basis, and America (especially) needs to get over it.

The human body is an amazing thing. It communicates an incredible amount of information, and on a level that we've only barely begun to understand. It's all about mind over matter, peeps.

Readers... let cha body do it's thing. If you've got a headache, don't feed it some medicine. If you've got a cold, let the temperature rise and deal with the crappy mccrappersons. And if you've got chlamydia... see your doctor immediately. And don't be a symptom finger.


Jennifer Brindley said...

Nothing you can ever say will make me stop taking some Ibuprofen when I have a headache, or drinking some Dayquil when I have a cough and need to get on with my day.

I love you anyway,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Jennifer said! LOL Dude, I just found your blog and it's hilarious! A great read, from top to bottom (no pun intended).

I think we are very much alike. We are almost the same age (don't make say I'm 1 year older than you - oh wait, i just did ¬¬ ), we got very fit a couple of years ago, then we relaxed, got fat again, and now we're back to losing. And we both have very new weight-loss blogs. I missed a blog post about your workouts. What are you doing exactly? Cardio? Weights? Both? Details?

And we're eating similar too. You call it low carb, I call it Primal Blueprint...almost the same thing. I eat more fat though.

Then I saw pics of your piercings. Dude, I have the exact same ones! Nipples and tongue. Weird!(the nipples ones hurted like a son of a bitch, eh? I got the three stretched even to 12 GA)

I'll be checking for new posts! *suscribes*

Wesley said...

LOL! I hear the same thing from many of my friends all the time, so I'm used to the "Never will I give up my drugs!" thing. =)

Glad you like the blog DarnFitness! I'm going to check out your blogs after I post my next one! I can't wait to see what you're doing for eating.

I haven't posted anything quite yet about what I am doing for working out. Simply because I haven't started yet (ha!), but those will be coming as we head into winter.

... and those nipple piercings? Totally worth it... right!?