This Blog Was Posted Using REAL Words!

Posted by Wesley On Wednesday, July 14, 2010 7 comments

Yes, that's right readers. This blog post was produced using REAL words. 100% all natural words, no substitutes, preservatives, and only a limited amount of spell check. 

How many of you have run across the food packages that proudly proclaim:

"Made with REAL cheese!"
"Made with REAL chicken!"
"Made with REAL beef!"
"Made with REAL beans!"

Or, even worse:
"New, improved formula!"

Real chicken, real beef, and new, improved FORMULA? What. The. Eff. Is the food we are consuming turning into the new Britney Spears song? How processed, milled, mutilated, mixed, and modified is the food we are consuming? It worries me that meal-producing companies are actually slapping these phrases on their products. Is it because they're trying to make them sound more healthy? Because I'm pretty sure I've seen these claims on boxes of Hamburger Helper, Hot Pockets, and various frozen pasta and rice dinners from OnCor and Michelina's.

Shouldn't it be a requirement that companies actually use REAL food in all the meals they provide? Obviously not, because there's things like Cheez Whiz, Taco Bell dinners outside of the refrigerated section, and Velveeta. 
Readers... things that normally belong in the fridge should STAY IN THE FRIDGE! And things that normally have a shelf life of only a few weeks should HAVE A SHELF LIFE OF ONLY A FEW WEEKS! No, it is not OK to consume "cheese" out of an aerosol can, nor is it acceptable to chow down on a Taco Bell meal off the grocery store shelf.

If you're craving some Mexican, cheesy goodness, grab a pound of ground turkey, a block of cheddar cheese, some crunchy lettuce, a delicious tomato, an onion, some low-fat sour cream, and some taco seasoning. Then, walk your ass home, chop it up, cook it up, simmer it, dress it (lightly with the cheese and sour cream, yo!), and then roll up a delicious burrito using a low-carb Mission tortilla! 

You're taste buds will love it, and you're body (and waste line!) will show their appreciation.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am ALWAYS craving some mexican goodness. I mean mexican cheesy goodness.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Ok sugar, cheese curds constitute REAL cheese.

And I will stand by that statement for as long as I live. I sure do miss Wisconsin lol.

I can't help that I adore aerosol cheese. It's tasty. Luckily it's also about as available as cheese curds up here in Alberta. AKA, not.

One of the things I've learned to appreciate is the absolute divine flavor of fresh foods while on this journey though. No fast food joint could make a better taco than I!

Wesley said...

LOL! Well, all cheese is made from cheese curds (Being from WI, I'm sure you know that. LOL!), so in my book... they're perfectly fine!

misssarahlou said...

So so true! I never really thought of it.. I hate the idea of cheez whiz, I never saw it before coming to Canada, I am pretty sure we dont have it in England.

Jennifer Brindley said...

I love Taco Bell.

Wesley said...

LMAO @ Jenn. I love you girl. We all love Taco Bell... but not the day after!!

misssarahlou... Everything is better in England. Including that accent! ;-)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Taco Bell is the perfect drunk food. It really is.