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Cheers to my seven new followers! It took my last blog like... three months to reach that! Thanks for following, readers!

I wanted to touch base a bit more on where this blog will be going, what to expect, what kind of crap will be posted on here, blah, blah, blah. 

No doubt this is this a blog about getting in shape (we covered that earlier, right?). I'm hoping to update this fancy thang about five times per week and to have several posts during that time. I'll try to keep them short and to the point, but sometimes I have a habit of rambling on. So feel free to comment at any time with a "Wes, could you shut up for a quick second..." or a "Too much information, dude. Too. Much. Information. Yawn." I promise it won't hurt my feelings. 

Now, since I'm gay, I could slather this blog in rainbows and unicorns. Am I going to do that? Hell no. That's not me. Am I going to talk about gay news and other things that revolve around the gay spectrum? Probably, because that's who I am. And don't be surprised if you find updates every now and then that include pictures of disgustingly hot men. It's called inspiration (or a lame excuse to peruse the internet looking for pictures of disgustingly hot men and share them with other people). I promise though, no porny, nekkid stuff! And, since I'm a total music whore, you'll find posts of music that I really enjoy working out to. And in between all of THAT, you'll find a potpourri of posts that relate to me, losing weight, and getting in shape. 

I want this blog to provoke inspiration, for both myself and my readers. I want this blog to hold me accountable. And most importantly, I want this blog to be FUN. Feedback and opinions on my posts are always welcome... I like to know what's going through your pretty little brains as you read through my posts. So please comment away.

I have a ton of things I want to write about (I think I'm going to have to make a list), and I'm not quite sure where to start. I guess I'll give you guys a snapshot of what I'm doing to stay low-carb:

When it comes to eating, I like it to be easy... like my men. So when lunch or dinner time arrives, I'm usually in the kitchen, in and out of the fridge and cubbyholes, grabbing all sorts of things to make a meal. Here are just a FEW things I love to make that are low carb, easy, and totally satisfying:

- Lunch meat (usually ham or turkey) rolled up and dipped in some mustard.
- Cottage Cheese
- Egg Salad or Chicken Salad
- Green Beans Heated in a little Vodka Sauce
- Baby Pickles (I could gorge myself of these. I LOVE pickles).
- Romane Lettuce and Celery in a little Ranch Dressing
- Seasoned, pre-grilled Chicken Breast
- Omelets (which have endless possibilities for add-ins)
- Hamburger Patty with Ketchup, Mustard, and a little Mayo
- Cucumbers in Italian Dressing
- Low-Carb Yogurt or Ice Cream
- Peanuts to snack on
- Sugar-Free Jell-o Products
- Turkey Hot Dogs
- And, of course, Diet Pepsi (woot woot!)

Now, I know that doesn't look like much of a list, but like I said before, these are things that are quick and easy for me to make. I'm sure that if I really put my mind to it, I could make a poached duck with lemongrass and chili-lime sauce, complimented by rum-dipped squash fantabulous and a figberry walnut salad with raspberry rhubarb dressing and poppy seed-crusted egg marmalade. But I don't have time for that. Or the patience. The reason why low carb works well for me is that it doesn't require a lot of my time and is easy to figure out. And, as always, with every good list, comes a bad list. These are things I try to eat a minimal amount of:

- Beef
- Peanut Butter
- Sugar Free Candies (have you ever over-ate on these? Sugar alcohols are not fun in excess).
- Very salty foods and seasonings
- Sour Cream
- Whipped Cream
- Blocked and Shredded Cheese
- Broth Soups (because of sodium content)
- Coffee Creamers
- Bacon

I try to cut out as much fat as possible while still maintaining some sort of flavor in my foods. Eating mostly lean meats and cutting out the creams and the cheeses that are easy to dress things with really helps me do that. I know it's easy to sit at the fridge and aerosol the ReddiWhip directly into your mouth, but you have to admit... there's something wrong with that being right. Just like people who think doing low carb consists of being able to sit down with ten pounds of bacon for lunch and calling it a way to lose weight. Low-Carb diets are highly criticized, and I really believe there is a way to do it that's healthy and effective. It can't always be all high-fat, high-protien, low-carb, all of the time. For me, I've found it best to mix it up! Additionally, eating too much meat really does a job on the body's digestive system... it's hard for it to process all that meat without any additional "stuff" to mix it with.

As for the bad stuff, every now and then I'll sneak in a little bit of sugar or starch into my diet. I think it's important to do that, because for people like us who have lived for so many years eating whatever we've wanted, it's absolute torture to hear a friend crunch into that french fry or scrape the last bits of cheesecake off their plate. It's the food we grew up (and out) on, and for me, it's what's ingrained in my brain. A lot of diets include "cheat days" (like Body for Life), which allow you to eat whatever you want all day long. Nuh huh, not here honey. If I had a cheat day, I'd do it right and eat everything in sight! If I'm going to sneak something in that shouldn't be there, I'm going to do it once and be done. And do it only once or twice a week and at a minimum. For example, if I'm feelin' a little frisky, I steal one fry and call it done. Or, if I need a sugar fix, I'll chow down on a bite-size Snickers. It's what keeps me sane and away from binging myself to an oblivion. For me, it feels much better to control myself and my eating than it does satisfying my taste buds with all the foods from my past.

So, there you have it! Hopefully this post wasn't full of a bunch of crap information that you readers already knew. I know that us on diets tend to know the entire thing inside out, but I like to think this post will offer up a little information that you didn't know, forgot about, or even inspired you to give low carb a try.

Let me know how I did on my first post about weight loss and inspiration and happy, healthy eating!


JewliaGoulia said...

Hey Wes *waves*

So, a few things.

#1. I am so sad that their won't be any porny, nekkid pictures of disgustingly hot men. *wink*

#2. Jenn shot my wedding last year and we have been friends ever since - so I have heard a ton about you. :)

#3. I think you are pretty damn hot! I am all about the "losing weight to feel better about yourself" thing and if you want accountability, baby you found it. Jenn inspired me to start a blog and I am down 90 pounds in 6 months.

I'll be excited to see your progress!


Tabatha said...

you're an amazing writer. i heard about you through Jenn's blog and i'm glad she mentioned you because i really love your blog so far.

Sooze said...

Glad to hear you're doing a more balanced version of the low carb diet - I agree there is something wrong with eating a plate full of bacon while trying to be "healthier".

:) Thanks for the morning giggle btw.

misssarahlou said...

Just found your blog via ExhotGirl... and you just reminded me to get some bitesize snickers, instead of eating a full size one that I dont really need :o)

Wesley said...

Hey Readers!!

Thanks for all the great comments! I love the support I'm getting already! It's way more fun doing this with everyone involved.