Waiting for Winter

Posted by Wesley On Thursday, August 26, 2010 2 comments

Hey Readers! Hope is all well and skinny in your world!

I'm so excited for winter to arrive (for once in my life), because it's when I'm going to hit the gym hardcore, and do some major cardio and weight-lifting. As you may all remember, I decided to focus on weight loss over the summer, since there were too many tempting distractions during the summer months (i.e. BBQ's, bar-hopping, vacations, and visiting friends) that I knew would interfere with my ability to stick to any sort of workout plan.

I'm contemplating getting back together with my old personal trainer as well, and having him kick my ass in the gym-o-riffic. He's quite the cutie patootie: 

And totally straight. And the person responsible for this. Talk about motivating! You need to visit the Genesis Health and Fitness website right now and read about what he, and his entire crew, are about. Then, you need to sign up for the program. They're all good people and have changed the lives of so many men and women, and in such a positive way. The team at Genesis and Health and Fitness truly are about serious health and well-being.

Anyway... back to me:

I need to find some intense workouts for the winter. I've been researching them online, and have found nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zippo. NADA! And that's no me gusta! And a huge problemo.

Who's got some good workout tips? Tell me readers... what do you do at the gym, and how often do you do it?


Jennifer Brindley said...

There are a shitload of intense workouts. What do you mean "for the winter"? Like... to do in the snow? I don't see how your workout should change based on the weather... what are you looking for?


Anonymous said...

If you ask me, I think you should read "Starting Strength" from Mark Rippetoe. It focuses in compound lifts, short but intense workouts, and in correct technique.
But don't take my word for it, read the reviews from customers in amazon! http://amzn.to/9HFDsj