Torn Between Friends, Family and Fitness.

Posted by Wesley On Wednesday, September 1, 2010 1 comments

Hi friends! Hope everything is wonderfully well with you all! The Ex Hot Girl is currently shaking her face off at the John Mayer concert at Red Rocks, my computer no longer plays video (which is a HUGE problem, and you all know for what reason), it's the first of the month, which means an insane next four days at work, I have a cat palm on my patio that's basically committing suicide despite how much I water and sunshine I give it, my three day weekend is shot thanks to work, I'm currently dealing with a clothing CRISES (nothing is fitting right!), and there's this promotion that I keep interviewing for at work that I don't even think I want. 

Bleh. Life is sucking the big one right now. And not in the good way. 
Anyway, I was thinking a few days back about my last post about getting back into the gym once winter arrives. I need to get a freaking plan together! And fast. Winter is seriously right around the corner... usually the end of September / beginning of October is when the weather really takes a sharp turn in Colorado. It's already dropping into the 40s at night. And what's really worrying me is that I am going to get stuck doing the same thing I did last winter:  sitting on the couch, snacking my balls off, and marathon-watching rented HBO and Showtime series' (or would that just be "series"?). 

.... *blink*

So here's my plan:

I'm cutting off all communication with my friends and family, moving to an undisclosed location, changing my phone number, selling myself on xTube, paying for everything with cash, doing nothing but working out and eating right, and living vicariously through GayWeigh. Seriously... I think that's the only way I can accomplish what I want to. I just need to not have a life and make this thing totally mind over matter. I need to write down the habits I need to lose, the habits I need to gain, figure out how to not alienate everyone around me by changing those habits, and still stay sane and stable. 

So, just as a quick list, here are the habits I need to change:

1. Smoking and doing things that I associate with it... like drinking coffee. 

.... *pursing lips*

Eff this, It's not going to work. 

Just kidding. Moving on:

2. Polishing off twelve-packs on work nights. 
3. Making no effort when getting ready for work.
4. Chewing my damn finger nails.
5. Looking at myself in the mirror with disgust.
6. Snacking, snacking, snacking, snacking, snacking, snacking. And snacking. 
7. Chowing down on Tums every time I eat bad.

And here are the habits I need to gain:

1. Thinking about 5.30PM as time to hit the gym, not time to hit the couch. 
2. Hanging out with healthy people who hate fast food.
3. Getting at least seven or eight hours of sleep every night. 
4. Taking more pride in the way I maintain my body... like trimming, manscaping, and moisturizing. 
5. Looking at myself in the mirror with motivation. 
6. Trying on clothes before buying them, despite what the result may be. 
7. Making the plan for after work to be eating right, working out, and getting in bed before midnight. 
8. Finding hobbies that (i) do not allow me to drink, (ii) create a sense of accomplishment and (iii) make me feel like I've reached a goal. 
9. Remembering how awful I feel after eating badly. 
10. Talking more about fitness with my ex personal trainer and less about his penis.
11. Budgeting.

So there it is... BAM! The starting list of things I need to lose and gain. The problem I'm facing, however, is that most of the things I need to gain require more time... which I already feel like I don't have enough of. As you all may remember from my previous posts, I'm all about fast, convenient things. I don't want to spend an hour cooking dinner. I don't want to spend a ton of time shopping for clothes. I don't want to feel like I'm under the clock all the time, like I do at work. 

So what's a homo to do? How do I change all these things without leaving my friends and family behind? If I do change these things, but still hang around people who love to drink, eat pizza and french fries, and not make fitness a part of their lives, I'm afraid I'll get sucked back into my old habits. And on top of that, how do I find time to do my thang, while still doing their thang? I know it's not normal to feel this way, but I'm not sure how to gain new fitness-friendly friends while still maintaining all the friendships I've gained. The plan in my head doesn't allow for me to see my current friends very often... and only allows time for work, gym time, and sleep. 

I'm torn, yo.

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Denise + Nick said...

I fucking love reading your blog. Seriously. I want to talk back to it that is how 'real' it is!
I am constantly making deals with myself to stay on track. If I hide myself from everything, I'll fall off the wagon hard core. So, if I want to get cocktails with my friends, I force myself to eat a good, healthy, filling meal at home, and then ONLY have cocktails at the bar. That way, I can drink my calories, instead of eating them. Because, we all know that getting crizzle in the club is far more important than french fries and mozzarella sticks! (Isn’t it?)