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We've all gotta start somewhere. I want everyone to know where this is all coming from and where it will be going. This blog is about me, my life, and my goals in losing weight and learning how to get in shape. It's meant to inspire me, inspire you, and provide some good humor along the way.  And, to open this blog, I've decided to give you all a little background on myself and where my life made a big turn. 

Throughout my high school and college years, I never really considered myself to be a fitness freak, the hottest guy at the party, or even someone who lived an active lifestyle.  During those times, I grew very accustomed to fast food places like Burger King, Carl's Jr., and Taco Bell, and the convenience those places offered. I ate whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to and didn't think twice about the effects on my waste line or my health. After all, I had a couple of boyfriends at the time who never mentioned a word about my body or how out of shape I actually was. I was comfortable with myself and the way I looked. 

After leaving Colorado Springs to live in Denver, my eating habits didn't change much, but my life very much did. I moved in with my best friend Jennifer, of the ExHotGirl, jumped from job to job, slept on a blow-up mattress in the living room, used the coat closet as a clothes closet, racked up thousands of dollars in credit card debt, and ate and ate and ate and ate. At the time, Jennifer and I enjoyed eating out constantly. We made frequent visits to the Cheesecake Factory, Johnny Carinos, MiMi's Cafe, and every other restaurant in-between. And while I was racking up the credit card debt, I was racking up the pounds as well. I was blind to the weight I gained because I still got hit on at the bar and still had a few steady relationships with men who never once complained about the weight I had gained.

I eventually found my own place after finding work with a company who I wasted three years of my life with. It was a desk job that required minimal, if that, physical work and was surrounded by cookies, sodas, snacks, and weekly lunches from the Olive Garden. After those three years,  I found myself swimming in over $27,000 in debt and weighing over 200 pounds at the age of 24. I decided it was time to make a change.

I remember it vividly... Jenn, Jesse, and I were eating dinner at Carraba's. Jenn was explaining to me this new diet she discovered called Atkins. She described what was allowed in the diet, what wasn't, how it worked, and how well it worked. I was hooked (especially when she said that Ranch dressing was allowed!). At that moment, her and I vowed to go into the diet together. And it was phenomenal. It was during this time, after trying countless diets and spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, that I realized a low-carb lifestyle was for me. My heartburn was gone. That bloated, too-full feeling was gone, and my gut was shrinking. It was easy to follow, fool-proof, and made eating decisions easy to make and it required no planning. I went from almost 215 pounds to just under 145 in a 9 month period. Mostly, you can see it in my face in these pictures. At the time, I always wore black because, you know... it's slimming:

In Utah, circa 2006. My Heaviest ::

Utah Again ::

Daniel's Grad Party. Chowing Down On Cake :: 

At My Skinniest. Circa 2004 :: 

Me and the ExHotGirl, At Our Skinniest ::

A Little Weight Gain in 2005, But Still Looking Good ::

At the end of 2004, I was the most confident I'd ever been in my life. I went from wearing a size 36 pant to a size 31, was buying small-sized shirts, and fit into clothes I hadn't been able to for years. I felt great. I was getting compliments on my weight loss left and right, danced with my shirt off, and confidently climbed into hot tubs with men who were built, sexy, and skinny.

So what happened? I got TOO comfortable. I began eating anything and everything in site... again. I thought to myself "I'm skinny. I can eat this and get away with it.", "I've worked hard to lose the weight I have... I deserve this bag of lays.", "It's only a slice of birthday cake.", "It's Thanksgiving dinner at my parents... how can I skip out on ALL THIS!?". Eventually, it became: "It's only a plate of pancakes, side of french toast with hash browns, french fries and onion rings with chicken fried steak and cheesecake." Before I knew it, I was pushing 180 pounds, and quickly approaching the poundage I had so diligently worked to burn off.

Between that time and now, I fell back on and off the low-carb eating gig. Losing and gaining, losing and gaining, getting frustrated and costing myself more and more confidence each and every time. The most success I had during that time was when I hired a personal trainer who helped me achieve this:

It is this picture that inspires me from this day on. I achieved this weight loss and muscle gain working out two times a week with a personal trainer and cutting out useless carbohydrates. Two times a week, I know, is not much... but I'll touch base on that subject a little later. There's lots to cover on this blog, and trust me readers, it'll all be coming your way shortly!

This blog is for the bitch co-worker who said "Oh... Wes. You look good with a little chub!" and the asshole who spent all night hitting on me and then sending me home after getting my clothes off. 

Here's to the beginning.